Wednesday, May 30, 2012

its a cobradillo. . . how the cobra came to mate with the armadillo we do not know. . . but its a happy if not slightly lonely and therefor over enthusiastic about meeting new people 

Monday, May 28, 2012

+20 to Cuteness

Come out Saturday June 2nd at 6ish for 1st night in Kingston and see my show +20 to Cuteness at On Display 11 Broadway, Kingston, NY 12401 

Phools Day Parade

GoBotSter ladies

Chris of 25footclown & Allison of Goats N Glory

Allison & Melissa Mandel

We are handing out GoBotSter stickers.


T-shirt Makers

Melissa and I made Goats N Glory t-shirts!

I will post them on my Etsy soon :)

Sad Fat Woodchuck

Saturday, May 19, 2012

Quill The All

We are part of a really neat-o blog called Quill Them All! This blog was created as an excuse to be creative silly-billies together, share our ideas and make good work! Please, check it out :)

Friday, May 18, 2012

The Phools Parade is this weekend! Saturday, May 19th 2012 Gather @ 1pm & March @ 2pm 
Come out to New Paltz and see the fun ensue. I will be the goat handing out GotBotSter stickers from my golden fanny pack! If you see me say "Comeuppance" and I will give you a free button!

Monday, May 14, 2012

this is my . . . 
.i'm nadine may lewis of counter culture kids,
 i find all mediums to be extra fun size and am usually found working under ground.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Hello world, Goats N Glory here!

I am Goats N Glory! Do you like cute animals with big saucer like do, great! Then we will get along fabulously because that is what I do. My illustrated league of cuteness shall dance across the rainbow of your heart and into your soul. This horde of adorable minions may or may not want your soul. But no worries they are of good heart and sound of mind. Well most of them are sound of mind but all good of heart. Check us out and may we be the glitter mist in your dreams :)

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Go.Bot.Ster #1

This is my interpretation of what the Go.Bot.Ster looks like. Sweet, sassy, and dancing the Flamenco. What a guy! Actually, since he's a robot dancing I think it may be called the Flemanco-clanko! Get it? Cause he's a robot? Heh.


Greetings From Melissa!

 Hi! I'm Melissa! I'm maliciously nutritious. I was born under the year of the lobster and I have a tattoo of a robotic goat on my chest, close to my crustacean heart.

I am a somewhat snarky illustrator whose work is full of bright colors, be-tentacled and be-toothed beasties and the perpetual possibility of a rip-snorting fart joke. In fact, no, there is no snark in my work, my work is terribly serious. If you don't cry from passionate movements in your heart and soul I have failed abysmally as an artist and should pull out of the vagina of life before I cum more of my intellectual seed into the creative chasm of the universe.

Anywho. . . I am thoroughly excited by the interlocking Voltron beast that we have made with the different power animals of our creativity. It is wonderfully exciting to have this collective of artists come together and to be a part of it. As Captain Planet put it so eloquently, "With our powers combined. . . we bring you Go.Bot.Ster! "*

Check out more of my work at:
and my monthly postings at the collaborative illustration blog

*(Captain Planet's may not have said that, but that's only because Go.Bot.Ster didn't exist in the 90's. If he knew about it then he probably would have. Also Go.Bot.Ster is cooler than Captain Planet. And that's saying a lot.)

Origin Story

Since the dawn of time the world has craved smacktacular, yumtastic, and good artwork. From the bleeping robots of the bright sparkling future, to the ancient lobsters wallowing in the primordial spa of creation and back to present day of the awkward meandering wall-eyed goat.

We bring you